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our earth's getting older

title : our earth's getting older
duration : 1,5 hours
material : laptop , photoshop and mouse
technique : digital painting

bumi.. Usiamu semakin tua , Aku tahu saat ini kau sedang kelelahan menghadapi manusia-manusia yang tidak peduli terhadapmu.

Semoga mereka para penghancur bumi cepet taubat.

Because We only have one earth. we should protect it

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Lost Island

Hallo guys... :D
today i'm gonna show you my digital paintings that i've made last day.
this is about lost island.
i draw and paint it with photoshop cs 6 and mouse.

 "arrived at lost island"
"in the middle of lost island"
 thank you guys for spend your time to visit my blog. :D

Home sweet Home

Title : Home sweet Home
duration : 3 hours
technique : digital painting
material : laptop, photoshop and mouse

this is my painting that i've made last day, i got inspired by my brother's shoe xD .

may this painting inspiring you, thank you for spend your time to see my blog.
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see you :D

My Environment paintings

hi guys..
long time no post xD
today i'll share you my environment paintings.
i made these paintings with photoshop and mouse..


 "Let's explore"


 "gonna fight that dragon"
Thank you guys. may these painting inspiring you
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