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painting today ( superhero )

hallo guys
how are you ? glad to see you again :D
Today, i just wanna share you my paintings today about superhero.
i made 2 marvel superheroes xD
they are Deadpool and Thor.
these took about 1,5 hours each painting.
i'm using photoshop, laptop and mouse. i always use photoshop for my every project, because photoshop is cool, you can realize your imagination with this software xD 
okay guys, here's my painting.
i learn digital painting by myself and i watched a lot of videos by marco bucci (you can search it on youtube) . he's a profesional digital painting , i really like his videos.
thanks for spend your time for visit myblog.

painting today (My Imagination Superhero)

this is my imagination superhero.
i made it about 1,5 hours using photoshop and mouse
hope you enjoy my blog, thank you for visiting my blog

how to make dory vector

oki guys.

i wanna show you my steps to make dory vector

i'm only using pentool for this.

okay, here is it..

it's simple right?

just playin with colour and shape. no need masterful technique for this (y) :D

thanks guys for visiting my blog.

hope you enjoy it B)

How i paint my monster

hallo guys,

today i just wanna share you about how i paint my monster in photoshop.
it took about 50 minutes to paint, but i speed it up.

this video only 15 sec, cuz it's for my instagram xD

i'm using photoshop and and mouse (cuz i don't have graphic pad :( )

and here's the final result

 thanks guys.
if you wanna ask me about photoshop. you can contact @ my email

it's free (y) let's learn photoshop together

How to draw better in 2 minutes

hallo guys..
how are you today?

hope you always fine  . aameen :D

Last day, i read about digital painting tutorial in deviantart , i'm really happy and enjoyed to visit deviantart site. you should try if you wanna improve your digital painting.

and then, i search some video in youtube about digital painting tutorial, and suddenly i found something impossible. there's a 2 minutes video tutorial titled "How to draw better in 2 minutes" , i'm really curious about that so i opened it.

after i watched it, it's really amazing, this video helped me so much to learn digital painting in photoshop .

ok , i wanna share this video to you

thank you for visiting my blog.
hopefully help you :D

Combining Wpap and Vector

this is my pict that i've made about 3 months ago
yea i just want to combine WPAP art and vector and i think it looks good :D

i finished this about 4 hours , it's really tired to make wpap. *_*

 i'm only using pentool and eraser tool to make this work in photoshop.

you can ask me about photoshop to me, hopefully can help you to learn  about photoshop.

thanks for your time for visiting my blog.


Hamburger Stomach

(artwork by Api)
hey guys.   how are you? hope you are fine as always :D

My Painting References

hallo guys.
how are you?
hope you are fine. :D

how i edit my photo (manipulation)

hallo guys..
today i wanna show you a spoiler how i manipulate my photos.
i'm using photoshop to do this work.


what's key light?

The key light is the first and usually most important light that a photographer, cinematographer, lighting cameraman, or other scene composer will use in a lighting setup. The purpose of the key light is to highlight the form and dimension of the subject.
(source: wikipedia)

i'm gonna show you about key light in digital painting , video by marco bucci. you should check his video in youtube.

thank you guys, may this video help you to improve your digital painting.

see you soon :D

Digital painting sketch and tips

hallo guys.. :O
today i'm gonna share video about digital painting sketch and tips by marco bucci.
i hope this video improve your digital painting skill.

 (digital painting sketch and tips in photoshop by marco bucci)
thank you so much for visiting my blog. see you soon. :D

we can't eat money

artwork by : api "When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money."


these are my pics which i take with my mom's canon camera and i edited it in photoshop.

thanks for visiting my blog, may this inspiring you :D


these are our photos in tebing kraton

if you came to indonesia. you should visit this place. this place is located in lembang bandung, west java, indonesia.
thanks guys for visiting my blog :D


hallo guys.
today i just wanna share my experience in tebing keraton , bandung , indonesia.

Yesterday, i went to tebing keraton with my friends. it took about 1,5 hours from pasteur with car. After arrived, we parked our car and take a bit rest.

Suddenly , an ojek driver came to us and said "bro, come on take my motorcycle, because you can't go uphill by your feet, it's so far about 2,8 km" and we felt very confused about this, we thought this was far enough, we should be tired after that. so we choose to take a ride with motorcyle.

And then we arrived at destination and we felt so shock cuz it's near. and the price was very expensive about 30k. what a transport .. holy sheep..  how can we pay 30k for 1 km, this was the most expensive ojek in the world . they lied to us. we didn't want to fight about that, so we paid them with our sense of dissapointment.

And then , we went to tebing keraton. the place was very awesome . i'm really thanks to Alla…

vectoring myself

This is my vector art, it tooks about 3 hours to finish it.
i'm just start with my stock photo and i add that green alien in my hand xD

Painting today

hallo guys.. i'll share my concept paintings xD  Crystal Mine

Big apple
-a bit tips to sharp your paintings in photoshop filter - sharpen - unsharp mask.. - and adjust it
hope you enjoy my paintings.. thank you so much for visiting my blog.

Astronaut poster

hallo guys..
how are you ?
hope you are fine :D

ya today i'll give you my digital painting art.
this is about astronaut.

may this poster help you to finish your work :D

thank you for visit my blog. don't forget to follow my blog :D :P

for more artwork , instagram

how to Make my own giraffe in photoshop (step by step)

this is how i made my own giraffe using photoshop cs 6...