My Alien Vector

Hallo guys..
how are you today?
hope you are fine :D 

Today i'm gonna show about my project , i'm just have fun with myself, so i made a project about alien . xD

i designed this alien vector using photoshop as always and i'm going to make my alien moving in after effect.

In my opinion , adobe after effect (if you don't know about after effect you can search it in google) is the best software for animation and video editing, it's so awesome. (y) thumbs up for adobe product.

okay,  let's go to my project.
this is my alien that i'm gonna use it for my animation.
i'm using photoshop to design this alien.

(this is my alien , be careful xD)

I wanna make this alien run.
after processing in after effect

(sorry if this animation looks bad cuz i'm still learning too xD, btw, this is loop animation )

next project i'll design a gun and ufo for my alien. :D

thanks for visiting my blog.

hope you enjoy it.

warm regards by me.


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